I love escaping to small cafes to spend some alone time.  I like to imagine that I'm off traveling somewhere romantic and beautiful.

I can't stay out of independently owned boutiques; the bohemian in me surrenders every time.

I love getting lost in old photographs and memorabilia at a local WWI/II museum.  One of my most treasured possessions, 3 beautiful inkwell bottles dug up from the beaches of Normandy.  Imagining the words that poured out of those bottles through the pen feeds my soul.

It's good for my soul to drop what I'm doing in the middle of my workday to soak up the sunshine with my dog by taking a little siesta on the deck, or a walk out in nature.

I buy things for the garden I haven't designed yet.  I dream about it a lot though, does that count?

I'm addicted to Downton Abbey and Dexter.  How do you reconcile that?

Leaving everything behind and going for motorcycle rides to the coast with my husband.  Reminds us of the courtship phase of our relationship and who we were when we started off.