Your experience... it's like a great first date, a lifetime of memories unfolding with the one you love.  It's revisiting that sweet-spot when we go on those long overdue romantic escapes, with no distractions, hearts focused on the person you share your life with. 

It's still there, we just peel away the layers and take a nice long and luxurious look at who you are, together.  When all the distractions are set aside, and you have time to be still with one another, letting go of your busy routines and schedules dictated by jobs and your active children, it's just you.  Let's celebrate that, you, the two people who met long ago, seriously crazy about each other, who created this beautiful life together.  There were two, before there were more.  It's a journey, and it needs tending to. 

This moment, this time, is just for you... the 'us' beyond family, career and kids.

You will giggle, laugh out loud, swoon, snuggle, reminisce, ponder future memories yet to be created; you might even shed a tear. It's all a celebration and a swift dusting off and shining up of the seriously romantic heart in all us.

Be unapologetic about your romance.